Photo of the Rob Roy Glacier walking track

The Rob Roy Glacier track is a spectacular hike

The Rob Roy Glacier walking track is near Wanaka, New Zealand. We stayed at Wanaka for a couple nights while we did a few things, including walking the Rob Roy Glacier track. The weather had been quite rough and were hoping for a clear sky day.

We booked into a cabin at a camping ground in Wanaka town. The cabin that we stayed was very small. It nearly rolled over once during the windy night. Luckily, in the morning the sky was open and clear and it was a sunny day.

The Rob Roy Glacier track starts in the Matukituki Valley, about an hour’s drive from Wanaka. We started walking from the Raspberry Flat car-park, which is at the end of the road.

We walked though the farmland for about 15 minutes and over a swingbridge that crossed the glacier river. On the farmland lots of sheep were staring at us and ready to run away, which was very cute to see. But of course, we weren’t going to hurt them.

After we crossed the glacier river, the track starts to get harder and you need to be careful that you don’t fall down a cliff. I was too scared to look down from the track in some places. For other people, this is probably an easy track.

We can see the waterfall from a long way as it falls down from the glacier. We were amazed to see most of the water was returning back to the top of the waterfall. That was because of the strong winds up there. The water was only getting half way down the cliff before being blown back up by the wind!

Photo of a waterfall at Rob Roy Glacier

Photo of the waterfall being blown back up the cliff

We were walking slower than many others, because we were taking so many photos. The more we walked, the closer we were to the glacier. My legs were tired but my heart kept telling me to keep going – we’re nearly there! But we could see the Rob Roy Glacier right there in front of us!!! I was very excited and couldn’t wait to get close to it.

Photo of cascading waterfalls at Rob Roy Glacier

Cascading waterfalls at Rob Roy Glacier

Finally we made it. We had lunch at the view point looking right up at Rob Roy Glacier. And the waterfalls going upside down, falling up, just fitted in perfectly at the view point. It was the most beautiful glacier view I’ve ever seen.