Photo of Surfers Paradise, Australia

Surfers Paradise on Queensland's Gold Coast is the perfect place to relax by the beach.

Located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Surfers Paradise has developed into a big city with skyscrapers all along the coast. There is plenty of hotel accommodation all around the place.  The big beautiful long beach and the sun are the main tourist attractions. It’s the perfect place for you to sun bathe and relax on a beautiful day.

We stayed at Surfers Paradise for a couple of days before we headed to Thailand. I was so excited to see Surfers Paradise. The sun was so strong, we made sure we were covered in sunscreen. I couldn’t wait to jump in to the water.

The heavy waves attract many surfers to this place. If you like to play with the waves I recommend that you wear very tight swimwear. Because the waves can easily tear your swimwear off if you’re not careful. It happened to me once. After that, I couldn’t stop worrying about my swimwear.

After we’d had enough swimming, we went for walk along the beach.  It took a while to find a suitable restaurant. Because there are so many, we didn’t really know what we wanted to eat. Also, the bargain clothes shops were distracting me as I walked through the shopping mall.  In the end, I had japanese sushi for lunch.

I love the city and I love the natural environment. Surfers Paradise could be the perfect place for me to live. But the world is so big and there are many nice places around, so I have to keep travelling.