Photo of Picton in New Zealand

Picton is where you board the ferry to cross to Wellington

Picton in New Zealand was the last town of the South Island before we caught the ferry to Wellington in the North Island. It is located at the head of Queen Charlotte Sound in the Marlborough Sounds, which is in the Marlborough region at the north-east part of the South Island.

This place had very nice scenery. It is quite a small town and we almost couldn’t find accommodation. It may be because a lot of tourists are waiting for their ferry transfer.

Our accommodation at Picton town was different to most of our other accommodation in New Zealand. Most of the accommodation we tried was already fully booked, but we eventually found a caravan park at a hideaway location. This accommodation is very special. Because it is build right underneath a train track. Every time a train went past the place shook with the noise. But for some reason we fell asleep quickly because we were tired.

Photo of train running through the middle of the camping ground

This photo was taken from our cabin. You'll need to be very tired if you want to sleep here!

The beautiful part of Picton is the ocean is surrounded by the mountains, that make up a very large area. It’s deep enough to fit the big ships in. The water is quite calm, probably because it’s sheltered by the surrounding mountains.