Phuket Beach, Thailand

The place you can be yourself, and you can easily find western food. Most of the restaurants have both Thai food and western food. So you don’t have to worry about going hungry.

Phuket is an island but you won’t feel like you’re on an island, as it’s so large and developed.

Phuket is the place you can see the most beautiful sunsets. Laem Promthep is a famous sunset lookout point.

Phuket’s night life is full of interesting things going on and is extremely full of fun and excitement. There are bars, shops, restaurants, and stores, all built next to each other. Bangla road is the place you can find entertainment and friends. This place never sleeps!

Street food Phuket, Thailand

13th April every year marks the Thailand new year.  You will have an unforgettable time with the Songkran festival.  

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