Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand

Milford Sound in New Zealand

Milford sound is located at the south-west corner of New Zealand’s South Island. Here you can take a boat trip around the sound (actually, it’s not a “sound”, it’s a “fjord”).

Milford Sound is also the finish point for those hiking the famous Milford Track. If you want to walk the Milford Track you’ll need to book early, as it usually gets booked out many months in advance. This is because it’s one of the most famous walking tracks in the world, and only a limited number of people are permitted to walk the track at any time.

Milford sound gets the most rainfall of any place in New Zealand. Actually, with an average of 8 metres of rain per year, it’s one of the wettest places in the world. That’s probably the reason this place is so green all year round.

On our way to Milford Sound we met the kea. The kea is the world’s only mountain parrot and is native to New Zealand.

Most of the tourists are from around the world wanting to see the natural wonders of Milford Sound.

When we were first approaching Milford Sound I thought I was dreaming. Because of the beautiful natural environment. There were massive waterfalls all around the place. They were pouring down from the high mountains in to both sides of the road and into the rivers.

Milford sound looks like a magical world and made up only in a movie. That makes me think of the “Avatar” movie – that fictional world – but this one is for real, I can’t stop feeling impressed by this place.

More rain kept falling down, more water fall kept running. It just happened everywhere. I can see why this is one of the wettest places in the world!

We made a last minute booking for the overnight boat. The ticket included dinner and non-alcoholic drinks.

Photo of a boat under a waterfall at Milford Sound

Boat under waterfall at Milford Sound

But you have to remember that this place is really cold and it rains nearly everyday. The best way to have fun is to take a rain coat with you to keep yourself warm and dry(ish). I found it very cold – even though it was summer time.

The boat also had kayaks for passenger use. Many passengers jumped in the kayaks, but it was too cold and wet for me. All I could do is keep drinking hot tea.

Photo of kayaks at Milford Sound in New Zealand

The boat trip included free use of kayaks. During rain, Milford Sound has thousands of waterfalls pouring down the mountain.

During the trip, we went past the “four sisters” waterfalls. It was such a beautiful waterfall. Four water falls side by side, pouring down the mountain into the sea. At one point, the captain drove the boat under one of the large waterfalls. If you weren’t wet before, you were now!