Photo of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand

View of Lake Tekapo from our balcony at Peppers Bluewater Resort

Lake Tekapo is located in the South Island of New Zealand. It’s quite a popular place with the tourists. There are many hotel accommodations near the lake.

We stayed at Peppers Bluewater Resort which has a spectacular view over Lake Tekapo and the surrounding mountains. When the sun is shining, the lake is a beautiful turquoise colour and is stunning to look at.

In the morning we went for walk and went looking for an internet cafe. We couldn’t find an internet cafe, but we did find a cafe with a computer that was connected to the internet. The shops are situated in the same area, which is near the lake. Most of them sell local product such as woollen cardigans, scarves, lotions, and souvenirs.

The next day we drove up to the Mt John Observatory and looked over Lake Tekapo. Up there is a restaurant/coffee shop called Astro Cafe. The view makes this is a spectacular place to have with a cup of coffee. Even the Lonely Planet Guide describes it as “possibly the best place on the planet for a coffee”. From here, you can see the whole town of Tekapo from along the side of the lake.