Photo of Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay.

Hyams Beach at Jervis Bay has beautiful white sand and crystal clear water.

Jervis Bay is located about 2 hours drive, south of Sydney in NSW. The place is very quiet, but during holiday season it can become a little crowded, and you will need to book in advance. But it is still much quieter than Bondi Beach and Surfers Paradise.

We went to Jervis Bay during the long weekend for the Easter holiday. At this time of the year, it is quite cold and there was a little bit of rain too. But that doesn’t matter. There’s still plenty to do.

For example, we walked a lovely track around the bay called White Sands Walk.  This track starts at Greenfields Beach and ends at beautiful Hyams Beach. The website says that it’s two kilometres long, but it felt like more than that.

In the morning, after we had breakfast, we grabbed a take away coffee from the coffee shop, then took the car to the car park/reserve at Greenfields Beach. We started walking while carrying a coffee cup in one hand. The coffee was delicious and it kept us warm.

The track passes quite a few beaches, and when we got tired or too hot, we’d just jump in for a swim.

I loved the white sand beaches and the clear blue water. The sand at Hyams Beach was so white, I even heard a kid yelling out “Look at the snow! Look at the snow!”.

And the water was so clear, I could see the fish while I was swimming. And they kept swimming with us!! I couldn’t stop taking photos while we were walking. And we had a lovely brunch at Hyams Beach General Store.

It was a good idea to do that walk, otherwise we wouldn’t have seen that many beautiful beaches if we were just driving a car along the road.