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Shopping in Thailand

When it comes to shopping, Thailand is the place to be. Especially if you’re female! Many girls in Thailand can’t stop shopping even through they have no room left in their wardrobe. Some men have the same problem!

So Thailand is the place for fun, relaxation, eating, and shopping! Many people visit Thailand just for the shopping. Especially clothes and gold.

Shopping for Gold

Thailand is famous for its gold shops. Most cities in Thailand have more than one gold shop. And you can buy gold necklaces and bracelets which are man made from pure and beautiful 18k – 24k gold.

The gold business is very expensive and risky. But people still like gold and want to own it. Some people like to collect gold for the future. Some people buy gold for investment purposes.  Some like to buy gold as a gift.

The gold shops in Thailand issue you with a certificate when you buy it, and it needs to be the same price as the other gold shops in Thailand. The price may change every day. The current price is usually shown at the front of the shop.

Markets in Thailand

Thailand has many different types of markets. I will talk about the local markets that they called “Talad Nad”. I’m not sure when this market first began. As far as I know, they’ve been going ever since I was born. Talad Nad doesn’t happen every day. Some places may have Talad Nad 2 or 3 days a week.

Every city has their own markets. Most of them sell the local product. They are very interesting. The markets are usually very busy but the result is good. The prices are usually very cheap as well. Some markets sell food as well as other things. Most markets open in the afternoon. This is because most people have a day time job. After work, they come to the market and sell stuff, it could be any thing.

I like to walk to the market because it helps me to relax from stress after work. Even though I don’t buy anything. Some times I go there to meet friends and we have dinner at the market.

Nong Khai, Thailand

Nong Khai, Thailand

Nong Khai city in north east Thailand is a quiet and peaceful city. It is located along the banks of the Maekong river directly across from Laos. This entices people to go back there again and again.

Some of Nong Khai’s attractions include the Thai-Laos market and the Thai-Laos friend ship bridge. Taking a day trip for sight seeing between Thai-Laos is not a bad idea. The many temples in Nong Khai are stunning as well.

Temple Nong Khai, Thailand

The relationship with people in Nongkhai and Lao is very strong. Even the language is similar. The culture is a mix between Thai, Lao, and Vietnamese.

Nong khai Spring rolls, Thailand

I have to say that the spring rolls in Nongkhai are delicious. Every time when I went back to Nong Khai. I have to eat some.

If you have more spare time or not to hurry. Try to take a bus to the another city around there. ( have to be the bus with out air conditioner ) take a little bit longer than by car but you will get there. You will enjoy the trip even more. A lot of thing you can enjoy on the bus is such as have people selling local grill chicken on the bus and much more.

Nong Khai Taxi

Sip beer with ice (as the locals do), as you watch a sunset over the Mekong river in Nong Khai. It is he best way to enjoy the life and peace of Esaan. Not to be surprise if you feel very enjoyable of the trip to Nong Khai.

Nong Khai is host to some great festivals. If you’re thinking about visiting Nong Khai, be sure to check the Thailand festivals page first.

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