Photo of Byron Bay in Australia

View to Tallow Beach. Photo taken from Lighthouse Road at Cape Byron.

We visited Byron Bay straight after we came back from New Zealand. After arriving at Gold Coast airport early in the morning, we hired a car and drove straight to Byron Bay. We booked a cabin for one week at the caravan park at the main beach. We were very lucky to get this, as it was very busy and they only had one cabin left.

The town is very small. I’m very surprised that this place is packed full of tourists and many are from the city. There are many big mansions near the beach. And of course there are many restaurants, but the price for food is not cheap.

A couple of Thai restaurants in this town have good food and they always busy. My favourite one is up an arcade off the main road. First time we went there, we asked that our food is cooked very spicy. All the waitresses are very surprised and they kept watching us eat the spicy meal. It tasted so good. It was funny the next time we went back, when we were about to order, the waitress said “Let me guess… something spicy!”.

During the day time we kept active by walking along the beach and going for swims. I love the water at this place, it’s very clear and blue. I could even see my own legs while swimming in the ocean, even though the waves were quite rough. The white sand still keeps the water very clear.

This was the first time in Australia that I got stung by a jellyfish. But not everybody gets stung, and it depends on the season. Lucky it was just one jellyfish that stung me, otherwise is would be very painful. That’s another thing we need keep eye on while swimming.