Antigua in the Caribbean

Antigua was the first stop on our 10 night Caribbean cruise.

Our ship arrived first thing in the morning and we could see the colourful view from a long way. The first thing I saw is the many colourful buildings located around the island. Some houses are painted more than two colours which gave me an idea of the character of the Caribbean.

Once we’d disembarked from our ship, we were surrounded by taxi drivers/tour operators wanting our business. We decided to take a tour in a minivan, shared with others. The taxi driver told us that his name is “Choc” – short for “Chocolate” because he loves chocolate so much.

We visited Nelson’s Dockyard, Shirley Heights and Dow’s Hill Interpretation Centre it also contained historic ruins and a display of 18th-century artifacts from the island.

It was really beautiful place. As far I could see, a lot of tropical fruits and vegetables are grown in Antigua. The taxi explained how they grow crops such as bananas and pineapples. Some people thought that pineapples were ¬†grown from tall trees, but saw that this isn’t the case! They are actually grown as small plants in the ground – less than knee high!

We visited a nice lookout too and we could see houses from famous people such as Eric Clapton and Oprah Winfrey.

When the tour finished, we decided to thank “Choc” by giving him some chocolate. That put a huge smile on his face!

The marina is located in the main town. We started searching for an Internet cafe and finally found one. It had no air conditioner. Just one fan and about 5 desktops in a small room with very hot temperature. But never mind, at least we were able to get internet for much cheaper than the ship charges.

Final trip to the pier, we checked out some of the the duty free shops. But the most important thing to do before getting back on the boat was to try the local beer! And it was very refreshing!