Very often I have heard people say that they are very impressed when they visit Thailand, and often they want to make another trip back  – even when they’ve already been to Thailand many times. Many people choose to stay in Thailand for the rest of their life, even though they live a perfectly good life in their own country.

There are many reasons why people choose to visit Thailand. These include spa, food, sight seeing, business meetings, holidays, relaxation and fun. Many visitors to Thailand also notice that it is very cheap to do these things, compared with their own country.

People say Thailand simply offers it all to travellers in a neat, great value package whether you’re an independent budget backpacker wanting to explore off the beaten track, or a well-heeled tourist looking for an exclusive slice of paradise.

According to Thailand Department Of Tourism, nearly 16 million tourists visited Thailand in 2010. You can see the full break down at my Thailand Tourist Statistics page.